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District Administration

The Governing Board selects the superintendent and they serve as chief executive officer of the district. According to state law, the Governing Board is responsible for setting policy, while the superintendent and administrative staff are responsible for implementing that policy. You can reach each of the administrative staff below at the District office.

Robert Klee - 928-373-3403

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services
Dr. Lynn Thompson - 928-373-3403

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Laurie Doering - 928-373-3403

Academic Support/Federal Programs
Patrick A. Riley, Sr., Director - 928-373-3432

Business & Finance
Mike Wicks, Executive Director of Management Services - 928-373-3405
Dale Ponder, Director of Finance - 928-373-3410
Jennifer Bosch, Procurement Manager - 928-373-3415

Community Relations
Trina Siegfried, Coordinator - 928-373-3424

Exceptional Student Services
Salvador Rodriguez, Director - 928-373-3451

Human Resources
Lupe Lewis, Director - 928-373-3420

Information Services
Herb Harries, Director - 928-373-3441

Maintenance & Grounds
Fred Verdugo, Director - 928-373-3490

School Nutrition
Jane Johnson, Director - 928-373-3911

Peter Erlenbach, Director - 928-373-3465

District Coordinators
Deb Johnson, English/Language Arts Coordinator - 928-373-3426
Judy Munger, Career Ladder/ELL Coordinator - 928-373-3427
Lynnette Humphrey, Technology Curriculum Coordinator - 928-373-3428
Marcy Van HornStudent Data Coordinator - 928-373-3433
Marla Aguilera, Preschool Coordinator - 928-373-3948
Tara Guerrero, Math Coordinator - 928-373-3429
Vicky Willen, Exceptional Student Services Coordinator - 928-373-3452


School Administration

Centennial Middle School
Helen Coffeen, Principal - 928-373-3300
Ana Noriega, Assistant Principal -             928-373-3300

Crane Middle School
Kari Neumann, Principal - 928-373-3200
Leslie Roberts, Assistant Principal -             928-373-3200

Gary A. Knox Elementary School
Laura Hurt, Principal - 928-373-5500
Cindy Hookstra, Assistant Principal -         928-373-5500

Gowan Science Academy
Jamie HainesPrincipal - 928-539-1200

H.L. Suverkrup Elementary School
Trish SchoenbornPrincipal -                   928-373-3500

Mesquite Elementary School
Connie JerpsethPrincipal - 928-373-4100 

Pueblo Elementary School
Bobbie Henry, Principal - 928-373-3600

Rancho Viejo Elementary School
Norine BowersPrincipal - 928-373-3800

Ronald Reagan Elementary School
Thomas FletcherPrincipal - 928-373-3700

Salida del Sol Elementary School
Sheila Mendoza, Principal - 928-373-5600

Valley Horizon Elementary School
Dr. Mike Hoffman, Principal-                     928-373-4000